Property Management Services in Bernalillo, New Mexico

Home of the Coronado Historic Site, Sandia Lake and lots of green spaces, Bernalillo is a popular place to visit and live. In this highly-competitive market, having the right property management services is essential to making the most of your investment, whether you have a detached house or multi-unit property available.

Elevated Management Group can help you attract quality tenants and can take care of maintenance and other issues. Our boutique, full-service Bernalillo property management company is here to help you make the most of your investment.

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Why Choose Elevated Management Group?

If you are renting a property, you want a source of income without hassle. As a reputable Bernalillo property management company, we help local investors and real estate owners market their properties, boost cash flow and attract and keep the right tenants. We help local and out-of-town property owners with our community presence. We’re attentive to your property and offer the type of customized service you might expect from one of the premier management services in Bernalillo.

Our Property Management Services in Bernalillo, New Mexico

Elevated Management Group offers a range of property management services. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Tenant satisfaction: Our team is very responsive to tenants. We take care of emergency repairs fast and handle inquiries to save you time and to ensure tenants want to stay.
  • Money savings: If a tenant has a repair request, we work through a checklist with them to determine whether professional repairs are needed. This process can save you money on unnecessary service calls.
  • Maintenance support: We take care of emergency repairs promptly, before they affect the tenant experience or your property.
  • Marketing support: We can advertise your properties on Zillow,, ShowMojo and over 100 other sites. Our team will create a custom marketing strategy for you so you can attract your ideal tenants.
  • Reliable data when you need it: Annual financial reports, bills and tax documents are available to you when you need them, so you can keep track of your investments.
  • Bill collection: As soon as rent is past due, we’ll communicate with the tenant on your behalf. We can also start collection and eviction action if the need arises.


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Our Attention to Detail

Our team takes care of all the logistics of your property rental to make sure you stay compliant. Our goal is to reduce your liability while helping you maximize your profits. We handle paperwork, repairs and finding and communicating with tenants. Our team works hard to free up your time and your cash flow.

The Elevated Management Group Community Experience

Elevated Management Group has community ties to Bernalillo, and we understand how competitive this rental market is. We work locally on the ground, attracting quality tenants and creating a great experience that makes them want to stay. Our goal is to oversee your property locally so you can focus on profitability.

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