Property Management Service in Estancia, New Mexico

Real estate is a competitive industry, making it essential to partner with a knowledgeable team that can assist in navigating tasks like attracting tenants or renting your property.

At Elevated Management Group, we offer comprehensive property management and sales services, such as reducing liabilities or meeting your tenant’s maintenance needs. We invite you to contact our team today to learn more about how our services can benefit your property.

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What Do Property Management Services Entail?contract agreement

Property management services include all tasks related to the maintenance and management of residential structures. The term “property management” also includes all elements property owners or investors must consider before renting their properties.

By outsourcing your property management needs, you will have an accurate value for living spaces, expertly written policies and a specific team for handling maintenance requests. Our services are beneficial for owners that do and do not live near their properties.

Services the Elevated Management Group Provides

Because Elevated Management Group is a local company, we are familiar with the real estate markets in Estancia, New Mexico, and the surrounding areas allowing us to offer personalized services. Our team will work with you throughout the management process to determine the best investment plan and provide unique insight into the local real estate market.

Some Estancia property management services we offer include:

Assistance With Organizing Rental Applications

The Elevated Management Group team can aid in deciding the correct fees for your rental application. Our team is happy to check applicants’ backgrounds, credit histories and eviction histories before they move into your property. These highly detailed reports allow our team to make accurate decisions.

Arrange Rent Collection

Our property managers can also arrange to collect any missed payments. We want to protect your income source as much as possible and will take quick action to remove tenants that fail to meet their lease agreements.

Maintenance Requests

The Elevated Management Group team will respond to all maintenance needs promptly to quickly take care of issues. As part of our maintenance process, we will walk tenants through a checklist before a professional arrives to care for the issue.

Collect Financial Reports

We understand that having the information you need in a timely manner is essential to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly. Our services for properties in Estancia, New Mexico, include an in-depth look at documentation such as annual reports and taxes.

Marketing Assistance

Let your team help your property become highly visible for new tenants through our advertising services. Our team is happy to help you create a custom advertising plan and will push your property on popular rental and real estate websites.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Ownership Experience

At Elevated Management Group, we aim to make your time as a property owner as stress-free as possible. By working with our property managers, you will gain access to cutting-edge technology that allows you to communicate with our team. You will also have access to our company portal for a convenient way to stay updated with our staff.

Work With a Local, Community-Focused Company

We are proud to be a local company and look forward to meeting your property’s unique needs. Many of our brokers have years of real estate experience in the Estancia area, making us an excellent choice for unique insights into the Estancia real estate market and local buyers and renters.

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If you are looking for a premier property management firm for your property in Estancia, New Mexico, look no further than Elevated Management Group. When you choose us for your service needs, you will also gain access to our years of business experience and expertise.

To learn more about how we can benefit your property through our real estate management in Estancia, we invite you to call us at 505-257-6090 or complete our online contact form.