Property Management Services in Tijeras, New Mexico

Tijeras, New Mexico, is a bustling mountain community that’s a popular destination for young and older families looking for a peaceful place to set down roots. As a property owner, you can appeal to the many families moving to this location by investing in a rental property in this beautiful area. Whether you want to rent out a home or a small complex, Elevated Management Group can help make owning a rental property stress-free.

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How Property Management Services Can Benefit Your Property

Effective property management requires time, effort, and expertise, which may be challenging to provide, especially if this is your first investment property. One of the best ways to ensure your property is successful is to hire a property management company. Some of the top benefits of working with a management company are:

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  • Streamlined operations: By hiring a property management company, you will have a team dedicated to ensuring your property is as efficient as possible, which increases your profits.
  • Low maintenance costs: Many property management companies have years of experience working with service providers, making them an excellent resource for finding the best contractors and prices for all maintenance needs.
  • Competitive rental rates: Property management companies know about current real estate trends, allowing them to determine accurate rental rates for your property and maintain an edge over the competition.
  • Higher renter retention rates: Having your property fully occupied aids in generating income. With a property management company, you will have a team specifically focused on learning what will keep your tenants happier and more likely to remain at your property.


Why Choose Elevated Management Group for Property Management in Tijeras, New Mexico?

Elevated Management Group is proud to be a local company, and our team has years of experience dealing with properties in the Tijeras area. We understand every property has unique needs and will work directly with you to determine which of our services is best. During our meeting with you, we may discuss the following service options:


Our marketing team can help you develop a custom marketing plan to drive new tenants to your property. We can also place listings for your property on popular rental sites to drive traffic.

Financial Reports

Our team will provide comprehensive financial documentation so you can enjoy an in-depth look at annual reports, utility company bills and tax documents to help you make informed decisions regarding your property.

Maintenance Requests

Instead of finding contractors and other repair services yourself, our team will respond to all emergency requests as soon as possible to ensure tenants remain safe and satisfied. We will also send tenants a checklist to complete before our professionals arrive.

Rent Collections

Our property managers will protect your income by following through on any missed rent payments. Additionally, we will take quick action if a tenant fails to comply with a lease agreement.


Since our office has in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and local trends, we can use our insights to set an accurate fee for initial applications. Our team can also perform credit and criminal background checks on future tenants.

Let Us Handle the Details

Your property management services are a direct reflection of you and your property. At Elevated Management Group, we offer superior management services to create positive experiences for you and your tenants. By working with us, you will have access to innovative technology, such as our online portal, enabling you to communicate with our team promptly.

A Community-Focused Company

We are proud to have strong roots in the Tijeras area, and many of our full-time brokers have years of experience serving this unique village. Due to our extensive knowledge of property management and residential sales, we are an expert choice, and our Tijeras property management services will ensure you find the right applicants for your property.

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We strive to make the property ownership process as stress-free as possible for maximum profits and greater peace of mind. Experience premier property management services in Tijeras by contacting Elevated Management Group today.