Reasons to Move to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexico

Are you thinking of relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico? The beautiful capital city charms with a laidback lifestyle, tons of outdoor recreation, delicious food, a thriving art scene and much more.

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Benefits of Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Get a glimpse into what it’s like living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Setting

Nestled between the Jemez mountains to the west and the Santa Fe National Forest and Valles Caldera National Preserve to the east, Santa Fe has the highest elevation of all the United States capital cities. With a vantage point of 7,198 feet, Santa Fe is a breathtaking place to find yourself in. The city boasts stunning views of the mountains and forests at every turn. Dubbed “the land of enchantment” for its natural beauty, living in Santa Fe will have you wide-eyed each time you step out your front door.

The Architecture

As many as 1,000 years ago, the Pueblo people living in Santa Fe built their homes using sun-dried clay called adobe. When the Spanish migrated to the city from Mexico in the 16th century, they adopted the adobe style because it was easy to construct and kept homes comfortable in the winter and summer.

Fast forward to the artists and architects of the 19th century who wanted the town to have its own distinct identity, and the adobe style of architecture became synonymous with the historic district. The rest of the city largely followed suit, and today you will see an array of brown buildings that make Santa Fe unique. The architecture perfectly complements the natural surroundings, making the city feel like an extension of nature rather than an intrusion.

The Arts Scene

Santa Fe proudly boasts the third-largest art market in the country. With more than 250 art galleries, the city is an art aficionado’s dream. But sheer volume is not the only impressive thing about Santa Fe’s art scene — the way it showcases the city’s history and personality is admirable.

You can witness how Santa Fe’s landscape inspired one of the 20th century’s greatest artists by taking in her work at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.

If you’re interested in global art, you’ll be a regular at Museum Hill, where you can explore the following:

  • International Folk Art Market
  • Museum of Spanish Colonial Art
  • Museum of International Folk Art
  • Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
  • Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian

And for a dose of modern art, the city offers rotating exhibits at SITE Santa Fe.

The Food Scene

No city is complete without a mouthwatering food scene, and Santa Fe delivers. You’ll have your choice of New Mexican restaurants and all the green and red chile your heart desires, but the city also offers exciting global cuisine. Try Salvadoran, Italian, African, French and Tibetan restaurants for a taste of culture. As for taco trucks, you’ll find one on nearly every corner. Good luck choosing!

For more on the city’s food scene, explore the Santa Fe dining directory.

The Great Outdoors

Santa Fe offers about a million reasons to get outside. Soak up the sun and fresh mountain air while living in Santa Fe by:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Kayaking and rafting
  • Birding

The city has invested in paved bike paths and marked bike lanes to support cyclists, and on the outskirts of town, you’ll find maintained hiking and biking trails. Rivers, lakes and hot springs are within a short drive. Santa Fe is truly an outdoor lover’s paradise!

Santa Fe New Mexico Weather

The Weather

Thanks to its elevation, Santa Fe is one southwestern city that experiences all four seasons. It also boasts an average of 325 days of sunshine each year, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Summer days can reach temperatures in the 90s, with an average July temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. However, once the sun sets, things get nice and cool as temperatures can drop up to 30 degrees.

Autumn is a magical time in Santa Fe. The days are cooler but still long, and the aspen trees begin to turn their signature bright yellow. Winter brings an average of 26 inches of snow annually, perfect for skiers. And spring, of course, brings the return of warmer days.

If you enjoy each season of the year, you should move to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

The People

Santa Fe is a booming tourist destination for many of the reasons you see here. The influx of visitors provides plenty of opportunities for locals to meet interesting new people with fascinating stories. Many fall in love with the city while temporarily living in Santa Fe and decide to make it their permanent home!

The Retirement Opportunities

Santa Fe is a wonderful place to retire. The same benefits that draw any potential resident are attractive features for retirees, such as nice weather, friendly people and a relaxed way of life. But the city also offers top-notch health care facilities and pleasing retirement communities.  Living in Santa Fe is truly an oasis for retirees!

The Environmental Activism

Santa Fe cares deeply about the environment. Below are just a few ways the city works to conserve the earth.

These measures have proven successful — Santa Fe produces minimal industrial pollution!

The Rich History

Santa Fe has a fascinating history, and many historical sites keep it alive today. History buffs can keep themselves busy with rich historical activities, including: