Things to Do in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico — a desert city with a unique and beautiful landscape brimming with life. Albuquerque is over 300 years old, so you are guaranteed a historical and cultural experience when you live in the city.

The city also offers some of the best things to do in New Mexico — everything from museums and iconic landmarks to skiing and top-notch entertainment centers. Whether you are new to the area, traveling through, looking to move to Albuquerque or a lifelong local, there are countless activities to suit anyone’s taste.

Fun Things to Do in Albuquerque, New Mexico

You never need to look far for things to do in Albuquerque. The vibrant city is packed with diverse activities, venues for education or entertainment, natural beauty and history. Explore this list of fun things to do in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The International Balloon Fiesta is a nine-day-long dream for balloon enthusiasts, photographers and bloggers. The enchanting event has been happening for 50 years and typically occurs in October. During the fiesta, over 500 hot air balloons of all fun shapes, colors and sizes fill the sky, making the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta the largest balloon festival globally.

ABQ Biopark Zoo, Aquarium and Botanical Gardens

Looking for a packed family day out? The ABQ Biopark ZooABQ Biopark Aquarium and ABQ Biopark Botanical Gardens are just the places to go. The zoo is home to over 900 native and exotic animals, including big cats, reptiles, marsupials and even the axolotl — rare salamanders endangered in the wild. The aquarium features a captivating underwater environment show, and the botanical gardens boast 32 acres of beautiful plant life and a BUGarium that showcases some of the country’s bugs and anthropods.

A Host of Museums

Albuquerque is home to many educational and fun museums:

  • Albuquerque Museum: Explore 400 years of the city’s history and culture through photographs, art and artifacts at the Albuquerque Museum.
  • Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation: Stop by the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation to explore a world-class aviation museum and non-profit organization. The museum is open year-round and features a wide assortment of aerial artifacts and a shop containing balloon-inspired souvenirs.
  • Museum of Nuclear Science and History: Visit the Museum of Nuclear Science and History to learn about the critical role New Mexico played in the story of nuclear science — including being a testing ground for atomic weapons.
  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science: Enjoy exhibits that showcase New Mexico’s natural history, including displays of complete dinosaur skeletons, at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.
  • Rattlesnake Museum: Discover the most extensive collection of rattlesnakes in the world at the riveting Rattlesnake Museum.
  • University of New Mexico Art Museum: Peruse the largest art collection in New Mexico when you visit the University of New Mexico Art Museum.
  • University of New Mexico Maxwell Museum of Anthropology: Visit the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology to view a vast collection of artifacts that showcase millions of years of history and highlight the Southwest region and people.


Boca Negra Canyon and Petroglyph National Monument

boca negra canyon

Nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy an hour-long hike through New Mexico’s stunning landscape at Boca Negra Canyon, which is part of the Petroglyph National Monument. The Monument showcases over 25,000 rock carvings, called petroglyphs, that are hundreds of years old.

Downtown Growers Market

Enjoy a literal taste of local when you head to Robinson Park’s Downtown Growers Market. The market is the oldest of its kind in the city and lets you explore ready-to-eat local cuisine, freshly baked goods, herbs, produce, meats and cheeses. It also features beautiful crafts, clothing, jewelry and plants.

Electric Playhouse

The Electric Playhouse is one of the most unique things to do in Albuquerque — or anywhere, for that matter! This fantastic venue offers immersive games for all ages using digital projections to create interactive experiences and digital art.

Hinkle Family Fun Center

The Hinkle Family Fun Center offers precisely what it promises in its name! Enjoy a wide selection of entertaining family activities, including:

  • Laser tag
  • Mini golf
  • Go-karts
  • Bumper cars
  • 7D interactive rides
  • An interactive light space room


And because you are all bound to be hungry after a day of intense fun, the center also has a cafe that serves everything from pizza and fries to popcorn, pretzels and cold drinks.

Rock Climbing

Are you feeling adventurous? The City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department’s Mobile Rock Climbing Wall will be right up your alley! The 25-foot wall is free to use and has various challenges to suit any comfort level, from beginners to advanced climbers.

KiMo Theatre

The KiMo Theatre is the perfect place for cinephiles who also love a touch of history. The exotic theatre was built in the 1920s and showcases Native American-inspired decor. The unique building is a feature in and of itself, but the iconic landmark is also home to touring music shows, movies and dance productions.

National Hispanic Cultural Center

Dive into history and culture when you explore the National Hispanic Cultural Center — 20 acres featuring an education center, art museum, theatres, a library and tons more submissive activities and buildings. The center has performing arts, lectures and exhibitions showcasing Hispanic culture.

Sandia Peak Tramway and Ski Area

New Mexico’s desert landscape is iconic, so it may come as a surprise to know that some regions have snow! One of those places is the Sandia Peak Ski Area in the Sandia Mountains — an ideal spot for sports enthusiasts, groups of friends, couples and families alike. Enjoy a beautiful tram ride from Albuquerque to the ski area, where you can hire out all the equipment you need for your skiing adventure. You can also find breathtaking trails through the Cibola National Forest nearby.

The Old Town and San Felipe de Neri Church

The Old Town is the historic district of the city. It’s overflowing with charm, history and culture that you can learn more about on guided walks. If you love history and architecture, San Felipe de Neri Church in the Old Town is a must-see. Built in 1793, the church is one of the city’s oldest buildings. The church is still in use and features a small museum and gift shop.

Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque

If you are looking for a fun evening filled with good food, wine and dance, the Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque is the perfect place. The venue hosts dinner shows over the weekend, where you can watch breathtaking flamenco performances while you enjoy your meal.

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